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About Old & Antique Pottery

I made this pottery website for a number of different reasons.  First, I really like to collect pottery and wanted to know more about the history and methods these companies used to create their art.  Secondly, I have searched the internet extensively and have come across only a hand-full of comprehensive pottery sites that didn't flood me with advertising and Ebay listings.  I wanted to make a site that didn't contain these drawbacks, and focused on the companies I am most interested in.  Lastly, I often go to real life auctions, antique shops, flea markets, etc. and find pottery that I don't know enough about to make educated offers on.  So, this site is mostly a way for me to learn more!  As time goes on, I will be adding content as often as I reasonably can.  (am going to try not to get toooo obsessed)  I am also going to try and get involved, as much as time permits, in the community forum by answering pottery related questions / chatting with members.  Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the site and feel free to drop me a line.  (NO SPAM PLEASE)  As a side note, I am not currently buying any pottery online, please don't bother sending me solicitations to purchase ANYTHING.

Below are pictures of the pottery that I have purchased in the last two months (Sept. & Oct. 2010) for UNDER $50!  All of them were bought, in person, in either Illinois or Kentucky. (I rarely pay more than five bucks for a single piece of art pottery.)  Quite a few pieces came from a single auction where I bought boxes of ceramics for 2 or 3 dollars each.  One of the boxes contained a set of 11 Syracuse China, United Airlines bowls that I sold for $110 to a collector in Seattle.  I sold a few more pieces of Frankoma, Noritake and miscellaneous others.  In all, that auction yielded around $220 from a $48 investment, plus I kept several pieces that I liked.  Days like those are what keep me hunting!  In all I picked up pieces from RRP, Bauer, Niloak, McCoy, Pigeon Forge, UPC Co., Ungermach, Shawnee, Frankoma, Hull, Brush and Noritake.

Here's under 50 bucks worth of pottery.

This is my favorite piece from the last two months.  Maybe a lotus flower?

It's marked USA and 220.  If anyone can identify the maker I would be forever grateful!



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